Application Deadlines: Spring 2018: Nov 1

Drive Change

The UF specialization in Public Interest Communication offers students from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to learn the skills, strategies, theory and techniques required to build movements and drive positive social change using strategic communications.

This interdisciplinary program gives students both academic and practical work and draws from public relations, journalism, advertising, psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology and neuroscience, and places an emphasis on persuasion, working across organizations and sectors, systems-level thinking, strategic planning and the core skills critical to any effective social change effort.

Launching Spring 2018


Quick Facts

38 credit hours
Cost: $17,000-$34,000



Application Deadlines:
Spring 2018 - November 1




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What Our Alumni Say

“The program is a challenging, enjoyable, rewarding program that changed my perspective on communication. The courses kept my brains working, the class discussions forced me to see different views and best of all I was able to share my cultural experiences.”

Avion Ashton

The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago

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