The Social Media Advisory Council: Experts keeping you up to date with our ever-changing industry

The Advisory Council to the master’s degree program in Social Media is comprised of people who broadly represent the demographics of the profession globally. Members are leaders from a wide range of communication careers in business. Council members have unique access and insight into marketing, branding, and communications in a variety of industries.

The Advisory Council role is two-fold. First, the council helps the college confirm and document the skills and capabilities that employers seek in graduates of the social media master’s degree program. Second, the council helps to ensure that the program has adequate resources and a relevant, well-designed curriculum to provide students with the capabilities, knowledge and behaviors necessary to succeed. The Council is chaired by the graduate director of the program.

Social Media Advisory Council - Mike Alton

Mike Allton

Social Media Consultant, The Social Media Hat

Mike Alton is a social media consultant and blog coach and the chief marketing officer at SiteSell. He has worked with websites and the Internet since the early ’90s, and is active on all of the major social networks. Mike teaches a holistic approach to content marketing that leverages blog content, social media and SEO to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales. Mike is the author of The Unofficial Book On HootSuite: The #1 Tool for Social Media Management and The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile.

Social Media Advisory Council - Andrea Caumont

Andrea Caumont

Social Media Editor, Pew Research Center

Andrea Caumont is the social media editor at the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank based in Washington, D.C., that conducts public opinion polling and demographic research on a wide variety of topics. She is responsible for developing and managing the Center’s social media strategy and promoting its work across multiple social channels. Andrea previously worked for The Washington Post’s digital engagement team.

Social Media Advisory Council - Juanjo Duran

Juanjo Duran

NA Multicultural Content Team Lead, YouTube

Juanjo Duran leads the NA multicultural content team at YouTube. Duran and his team develop relationships with partners that own and create Multicultural content for Google’s video platform. Prior to his current position Duran several years developing new areas for Televisa in the U.S., part of his responsibilities included leading the new business team and overseeing the company’s U.S. Hispanic and Latam digital team. Before that, Duran managed the U.S. commercial initiatives for Satmex, the Mexican satellite operator.

Social Media Advisory Council - Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson

Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media Communications, The Coca-Cola Company

Natalie Johnson is senior manager of digital and social media communication at The Coca-Cola Company. Johnson is responsible for developing global, digital analytics strategy for Coca-Cola Journey and targeted innovation for Coca-Cola’s digital public affairs and communication team. Johnson leads the metrics strategy behind the company’s corporate website, which transformed into a consumer-facing, responsive, digital magazine – Coca-Cola Journey. In addition to digital analytics and targeted innovation, Johnson is responsible for Coca-Cola Journey’s international strategy.

Prior to joining Coke, Johnson managed social media at General Motors Corporation, where she led digital and social media communication for various projects including the Chevrolet Volt. During her tenure at GM, Natalie was manager of the global technology group and internal communications at GM’s Latin America, Africa and Middle East (LAAM) region; a role she assumed after working as the associate manager for e-business in LAAM’s vehicle sales, service and marketing department.

Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in communication with emphasis in interactive new communication technologies from Florida State University.

Brian Reich

Managing Director, little m media

Brian Reich is a strategist and writer for executive leaders at global brands, media companies, startups, nonprofits, political, and advocacy organizations. He is the author of two books: Shift & Reset: Strategies for Addressing Serious Issues in a Connected Society (Wiley, 2011) and Media Rules!: Mastering Today’s Technology to Connect with and Keep Your Audience (Wiley, 2007). He speaks regularly to corporations, associations, and universities around the world on the impact of media and technology on society and he has keynoted and moderated major conferences and events. Brian’s work has been published, and he has been quoted, in many publications, including the New York Times, Fast Company, Wired, AdAge, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. He has delivered analysis of digital and other trends on NPR, Fox News, and other networks in the U.S. and abroad. He has contributed as a Fast Company Expert, hosted a podcast show, and has taught consumer behavior and marketing strategy at The George Washington University and Columbia University. Brian attended the University of Michigan and graduated from Columbia University.

Social Media Advisory Council - David Rose

David Rose

VP of Recruiting, YELLOW DOG Recruiting

David Rose is the vice president of recruiting with YELLOW DOG Recruiting, a national recruitment company specializing in the placement of leaders within the hospitality industry. He leads a team of professionals dedicated to identifying top candidates for leadership roles within some of the world’s leading restaurant, food service, retail, grocery, hotel, and gaming companies.

Prior to YELLOW DOG, David led the talent acquisition department for American Express, and was the senior recruitment manager with the world’s largest food service provider, Compass Group. David is the co-author of Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies, a no-nonsense guide to getting a job in social media. He is a graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications where he earned a Bachelor of Science in telecommunication.

Social Media Advisory Council - Andrew Selepak

Andrew Selepak

Social Media Program Director, University of Florida

Andrew Selepak, Ph.D., is program director for the Social Media and Web Design online master’s degree specializations. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia in American history, a Master of Arts from George Mason University in communications and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida in mass communication. His research interests include political communication, online and social media, video games, music and websites. Specifically, Andrew has researched extremist groups and their use of the Internet and various forms of media to recruit and spread their message.

Social Media Advisory Council - Cameron Uganec

Cameron Uganec

Senior Director, Growth Channels and Education, Hootsuite

Cameron Uganec is senior director, growth channels and education at Hootsuite, a global leader in social media with more than 14 million users, including 800+ of the Fortune 1000. He focuses on building Hootsuite’s global brand through a customer-centric approach, leading global social, advocacy, owned media and online education teams. He has over 20 years of marketing and digital media experience building effective teams that yield hyper revenue growth.

Previously, he worked for Playground, an Intrawest company, as vice president of marketing services and with McCann WorldGroup, leading global campaigns for Four Seasons, General Motors and Microsoft. He is passionate about innovative technology and business models.


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