Current students from any college at the University of Florida, online or on-campus, have the option to pursue a combination degree from UF CJC Online with approval from their academic adviser. Completing a master’s degree from one of the country’s top-ranked online programs will give you cutting-edge communication skills and help set you apart with potential employers. One extra year. Endless possibilities.

How Do I Choose the Right Program for Me?

What are your interests? Our eight online master’s specializations are designed to teach industry-specific skills that are highly sought after in the workplace. From web design to public relations, we offer a wide range of specializations geared towards providing real-world solutions to communication problems. Overwhelmed by options? Take the quiz to see where you fit.

Step 1: Choose Your Master’s Specialization

UF CJC Online offers a Master of Arts in Mass Communication degree with eight specializations. Each specialization is designed to provide students with industry-specific skills.

Audience Analytics – This specialization brings left and right brains together. Data is only as useful as the person interpreting it, who can translate findings into actionable insights and “stories” for their companies and stakeholders. In this program, you will not only use tools to uncover actionable insights, but learn to communicate them in verbal and written form, including presenting to actual clients. Find jobs in this lucrative industry.

Learn more about the Audience Analytics specialization.


Digital Strategy –  Digital Strategy is a first of its kind specialization dedicated to producing graduates who are masters of digital marketing, including lead generation and management, engagement and conversions. Learn to master marketing techniques to drive more conversions and create loyal customers. Explore jobs in this industry.

Learn more about the Digital Strategy specialization.


Global Strategic Communication – The Global Strategic Communication specialization teaches the skills and strategies needed to solve world problems through thoughtful and effective communication techniques. This program is specifically designed for the dreamers and doers of the world who are passionate about solving global issues.

Learn more about the Global Strategic Communication specialization.


Political Communication – The Political Communication specialization explores the field of digital politics, an industry that has grown from $2 million to $1 billion in less than a decade. Whether you want to be a communications director on a presidential campaign, a media consultant creating grassroots outreach, or a public affairs strategist, this program is for you. This program guides you to navigate the thrilling political landscape, giving you the tools to make a difference. Explore jobs.

Learn more about the Political Communication specialization.


Public Relations  – The Public Relations specialization focuses on the three pillars of innovation, globalization and excellence. Students in the Public Relations program learn the art and science of strategic public relations that can help them advance their career. Students become critical thinkers, strategic decision-makers and creative communicators while benefitting from UF CJC Online’s unique relationship with APCO Worldwide. Look for careers in this field.

Learn more about the Public Relations specialization.


Social Media – The social media specialization teaches students how to create engaging content for social media, manage brand accounts and build communities through social media. Students learn to create graphics, tell stories using video and monitor social media metrics to determine the success of social media campaigns. Are you a hashtag lover? Find the #dreamjob for you.

Learn more about the Social Media specialization.


Web Design and Online Communication – Improve your graphic design skills and learn to code with the Web Design specialization. Students will learn to design compelling graphics, create a brand, and code responsive and user-friendly websites. Become an effective, creative and innovative web designer. Search for the job that’s right for you.

Learn more about the Web Design specialization.


Public Interest Communication – Once viewed solely as non-profit public relations, public interest communication has exploded as an interdisciplinary, systems-level discipline with strategic benefits that reach beyond the communications function of an organization. Public interest communication embraces the vision of creating science-based, strategic communications designed to advance the human condition. It is critical to achieving significant behavioral or social change on an issue that transcends the particular interests of any single organization.

Learn more about the Public Interest Communication specialization.


Step 2: Check Your Eligibility

To confirm your eligibility, you can download our Combination Degree Interest Form and have your undergraduate adviser sign off on it. To apply for our combination degree program, you must:

  • Be designated as a junior or senior
  • Have at least 6 available professional elective credits available
  • Plan to take the GRE and apply to the master’s program
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Write a brief statement of goals

*Please note that any UF undergraduate major is welcome to apply with his or her department’s approval.

Step 3: Apply

Submit your completed paperwork to the UF CJC Online Department.

Program Highlights:

  • Undergraduate students from any UF major may apply.
  • You can take up to four graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student and graduate with only a year left of your master’s degree!
  • These classes will count towards both your undergraduate and graduate school requirements.
  • Combination degree students will complete the CJC Online Master’s Program alongside students with work experience in the field, in courses taught by UF College of Journalism and Communications faculty and highly qualified industry professionals, with exposure to a variety of visiting industry professionals.

What to Do Next

What are you waiting for? Change your future today.

Resources – Combination Degree Forms

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Build Your Portfolio

Design attention-grabbing graphics, websites, and videos in courses that challenge students to develop meaningful solutions for communication problems.


Expand Your Network

Learn from industry professionals and talented faculty, network with peers across the country and begin building a network that can open doors you never thought possible.


Become a Leader

Become an ambassador for the UF CJC Online Combination Degree program to promote your experience or become a leader on your project team. Learn the leadership skills you need to make a major impact.

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What Our Alumni Say

Pursuing the Web Design combined degree has been one of the best decisions I have made. I found my passion and gained more confidence in everything I do. I met amazing people who I can network with and call my friend. Also, I have been given so many more opportunities because of the program. I truly feel that I am furthering myself and my future. I am proud to say I am a combined degree student.

Sarah Bodman

UF Combined Degree Alumna

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