How It Works:

  • UF CJC Online graduate-level courses will replace your professional elective credits and count towards your undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.
  • You’ll be able to take up to four graduate level courses as an undergraduate student and have just a year left of your master’s degree!
  • Before your last semester as an undergraduate student, you must take the GRE and apply to a master’s program.

How to Get Started:

Application Process for UF CJC Online Combination Degrees:

  1. Fill out the Combination Degree Interest Form.
  2. Meet with your undergraduate adviser to make sure you are eligible for our program. Once they determine your eligibility, get your adviser to sign off on your form.
  3. Meet with a UF CJC Online Adviser by making an appointment at calendly.com/ufcjconlineadvising to further discuss the program in detail and fill out your Program Plan.
  4. Fill out the Combination Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Request Form and complete the Statement of Goals*.
  5. Meet with your Department Chair and ask them to sign your completed combination degree form.
  6. Meet with UF CJC Online Advising again to obtain a signature from the Graduate Director and to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

*The Statement of Goals is 300 words describing your purpose for pursuing the Combination Degree. Questions to guide you as you write your statement include:

  • Why did you decide to pursue a combination degree?
  • What do you hope to accomplish both during and after you have completed the combination degree?
  • What interests you about the given field of study?
  • Which master’s program do you intend to apply to upon completing your undergraduate degree?
  • What are your career goals and how will this combination degree help you achieve them?



Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Qualify for a Combination Degree?

To qualify for the UF CJC Online Combination Degree program, you must:

  • Be designated as a junior or senior student at the University of Florida
  • Have at least 6 professional elective credits available
  • Plan to take the GRE and apply to the master’s program
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Write a brief Statement of Goals

How Do I Apply?

  1. To apply for the UF CJC Online Combination Degree program, you must first fill out a UF CJC Online Combination Degree Interest form and have it signed by your undergraduate adviser.
  2. Once signed, you will need to make an appointment with a UF CJC Online Adviser to discuss the next steps.

How Do I Stay Enrolled?

Students must receive a grade of B or higher in each course and maintain their UF GPA of at least a 3.0. Students are also responsible for leaving space on their degree audit for graduate-level classes. If at any point, you feel stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out to a UF CJC Online adviser.

What Financial Considerations Are There?

There are a number of financial considerations you should keep in mind. You are responsible for paying the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuitions. Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program participants will receive funding for the first 120 credit hours. The program will fund graduate courses taken toward the undergraduate degree at the undergraduate level. Financial aid may be available to assist with the graduate degree portion of the program.

What Are the Advantages of Our Combination Degrees?

  • Qualified students can obtain an undergraduate and a graduate degree in much less time than two separate degrees.
  • The cost of both degrees is reduced since at least 12 credits apply toward both degrees.
  • You have time to decide whether to pursue further graduate or professional study.
  • Your marketability is greatly enhanced; many professions now require a master’s degree for entry-level positions.

At what point in the undergraduate program should I apply?

 You can apply as early as the second semester of your sophomore year or as late as your senior year. However, we recommend planning ahead with your graduate adviser since you’ll need available credits in order to be a part of the program.

At what point do I enroll in graduate courses?

If approved, you can take graduate courses during your junior and senior years after you have completed critical tracking requirements.

What is required for approval?

As an undergraduate applying for entry into a combination degree program you must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 UF GPA and have completed all critical-tracking requirements to enroll in graduate coursework while you are completing your undergraduate degree. Once you apply for admission to the Graduate School, however, you must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement and GRE scores the master’s program requires.

What is required so that my graduate coursework can also count toward my master’s degree?

Graduate classes must be counted towards your undergraduate degree requirements for them to also count towards your graduate degree credit. In addition, you must be admitted to the Graduate School and receive a grade of B or higher in each course.


What about my financial aid?

Bright Futures and/or the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program will pay the undergraduate tuition rate for the graduate courses you take; you will have to pay the difference between undergraduate and graduate course costs. We recommend discussing your combination degree classes with the student financial adviser to confirm your eligibility.

Why would I want to pay additional tuition to enroll in graduate courses?

If you continue to graduate school, you will save on the tuition costs for the graduate credits you take while you are still classified as an undergraduate. Remember that graduate course costs will be partially paid by your undergraduate financial aid.

How do I register for these graduate classes?

Graduate-level registration is a slightly different process than undergraduate registration at UF. Instead of registering yourself for classes, your dedicated graduate adviser will contact you before the semester begins to register you for the course(s).


Build Your Portfolio

Design attention-grabbing graphics, websites, and videos in courses that challenge students to develop meaningful solutions for communication problems.


Expand Your Network

Learn from industry professionals and talented faculty, network with peers across the country and begin building a network that can open doors you never thought possible.


Become a Leader

Become an ambassador for the UF CJC Online Combination Degree program to promote your experience or become a leader on your project team. Learn the leadership skills you need to make a major impact.

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