UF CJC Online Financial Hardship Awards


Each semester, UF CJC Online offers our current master’s and certificate students the opportunity to receive need-based financial assistance. Assistance is provided to current students in several ways like tuition discounts and credits to a student’s university financial account.

These competitive awards are given to a select number of students each semester based on the availability of funds. The primary purpose of this award is to provide support to students whose financial situations have changed since first enrolling in their program of study. Changes include things like job loss, loss of employer reimbursement and other similar scenarios. The intent of these awards is to help students who are near program completion but need a semester or two of financial support to earn their degree.

How to request an award:

  1. Prepare a one-page (maximum) letter explaining the details of your hardship and your financial need. This letter should be addressed to Dr. Evan Kropp, Director of UF CJC Online.
    Include the following information:

      • Your UFID number.
      • What Master’s specialization or Certificate program you are enrolled in.
      • What semester you are requesting an award.
      • How many credits you plan on taking in the given semester.
      • If you receive any financial aid, loans or scholarships, please provide those details.

All letters must be submitted in PDF format and signed by the student. Unsigned or incomplete letters will be returned to the student.

  1. Email the letter as an attachment to onlineadvising@jou.ufl.edu. The subject line should be “Your Last Name_Your First Name_UF CJC Online Financial Hardship Award Submission”.


Hardship request submission deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: July 1
  • Spring Semester: November 1
  • Summer Semester: April 1

Award notifications will be made within 2-3 weeks after each deadline. Students will be notified of decisions via email.


Undergraduate students pursuing the combination degree are not eligible for an award.

No direct payments will be made to students.

Awards are offered one semester at a time. Receiving an award in one semester does not guarantee receipt of an award in future semesters. New requests must be submitted each semester.

No assistance can be applied to a student’s first-semester enrollment.

No guarantee of assistance should be implied.

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that accepting award funds will not negatively impact any other financial support they receive. UF CJC Online staff cannot offer advice on student financial accounts or any potential impacts accepting an award may have on your other financial arrangements.


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
April 1

Spring Semester
October 1

Summer Semester
February 1



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