Professional Internship

An internship is an excellent way to increase your skills, gain practical experience and network with professionals in your field. According to curriculum studies, internship experience and writing skills are the two most important elements in finding your first job after graduation.

Starting Fall 2016, the Professional Internship course has been modified. Please see the information below for more details.

Please see your program’s site for curriculum and degree plans.

WDOC – Web Design and Online Communications

SM – Social Media

GSC – Global Strategic Communications

PRM – Public Relations and Communication Management

Basic Overview of MMC6949

  • 12 week course for 3 total credits
  • 120 total internship hours, averaging 10 hours a week
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid and take place in-person or virtually
  • Class portion is asynchronous and all assignments relate to the internship
  • Offered every semester
  • Course counts for S/U credit
  • WDOC Students: Course can be taken in lieu of MMC6213 or during final capstone semester to receive credit requirements for financial aid.
  • SM, GSC, and PRM Students: Course will count as an elective.
  • All students must first check with their academic advisor to ensure they meet degree requirements and program prerequisites.
  • Internships may only be taken after a student has completed at least 2 semesters in their MAMC program.

Please see a sample syllabus for full course details.

Enrollment Process for MMC6949

  • Identify an internship in online communications
  • Ensure that a qualified supervisor is in place who agrees to the class requirements
  • Draft a work schedule of internship
  • Submit an application for review.  Email Jorie Scholnik instructor, for the password to the application form.
  • Remind supervisor to email Jorie with an acceptance letter
  • Confirm acceptance of application

Important Resources

For Students:

For Supervisors:

Video Tutorials

Tips for securing an internship

To see a video recording of securing an internship click here.

Supervisor orientation

To see a video recording for information for supervisors click here. 


Quick Facts

33-40 credit hours
97% Employment Rate
Avg. $18-20k change in salary
Stats & Rankings


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
July 1

Spring Semester
November 1

Summer Semester
April 1


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