Global Strategic Communication Graduate Certificate

The Global Strategic Communication graduate certificate is a tremendous opportunity for working professionals to learn skills and gain insight into solving global problems. The professional certificate includes four courses that can be completed in two semesters.

This graduate certificate is a popular option for students who want an introduction to Global Strategic Communication concepts without committing to the full master’s degree track. Certificate course credits may transfer into most UF CJC Online master’s concentrations if a student is admitted to the master’s program. Students should consult their Graduate Student Advisor to see how courses fit within their degree plan.

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Foundations of Intercultural Communication – MMC 5708

This course focuses on the dynamic and rapidly changing field of intercultural communications by providing the students with the foundational knowledge needed for strategic communications. Students will work on a semester-long project concentrating on current topics using various intercultural communications methods related to a specified global problem. This project will bring theory into practice to help the students with problem-solving skills.

Credits: 3. Prerequisites: none

Global Activism and Social Change Communication – MMC 6638

In this course, the students will examine activism and social change from a local and global perspective to enhance perspective of social change as it manifests through popular media and community action. The students will incorporate social and other media to critically analyze public debates around national and global political issues to identify community organizing and the breadth of human rights activism. This course will also introduce and analyze activist rhetoric, strategies for social justice, and methods for inter-movement organizing. Students will leave this course with the tools necessary to engage in strategic communication from a global activist framework.

Credits: 3. Prerequisites: none

Public Affairs Communication – MMC 5648

The course is designed to familiarize students with key strategies and tools used in public affairs campaigns to influence public policy and public opinion. The students will explore current thinking about how public affairs works at the intersection of communication strategies, policy processes, and behavior change. The students will focus on concepts and challenges surrounding social responsibility, citizen engagement, and the role of digital technologies in triggering advocacy and action. This course gives the students an opportunity to learn and apply global communication strategy and skills.

Credits: 3. Prerequisites: none

Strategic Communication: Ethics and Concepts – MMC 6213

This course introduces students to the field of Strategic Communication. Students will explore strategic communication theory, the PESO model of communication strategies, ethical communication considerations, and how desired organizational outcomes and communication strategies are necessarily interrelated. Students will demonstrate critical global perspectives while addressing communications issues for international audiences. They also will practice sensitivity for diverse cultures and ensure their messaging is localized and parallel to the cultural context.

Credits: 3. Prerequisites: none

Master’s Degree vs. Graduate Certificate

Many types of students apply for the global strategic communication graduate certificate. Some seek new skills to apply to their career, while others seek an introduction to graduate school. The graduate certificate program gives students the opportunity to decide if a full master’s degree is right for them. Students take classes and learn exciting new skills while also deciding if graduate school fits into their lives.

Frequently, students start the graduate certificate program and later choose to apply to the full master’s degree to gain more skills and embrace the opportunity to change their lives. The courses in the graduate certificate program apply to the master’s degree, creating a seamless transition into the full master’s program. Click here for a more detailed comparison of the master’s degree and the graduate certificate.

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