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Amanda Billy

Web Manager
Jacksonville University

Spring 2016

Favorite Project

Alas, my favorite projects are either under development or proprietary. They include the transition of the JU website to a new CMS, a set of email templates for communications to prospective students, and a pattern library for JU’s web brand.

My Career

As the Web Manager at Jacksonville University, I lead the strategy and development of the university’s web communications, including the official website, marketing-focused microsites, email templates, and other public-facing web properties.


Instagramming my dog, collecting fonts, watching HGTV, reading, assembling jigsaw puzzles.

Previous Amazing Alumni

My name is Amanda Billy, and I live, work, and play on the Internet. My strength is in helping people use the web to connect. In the last eight years, I’ve put my skills to good use at two startups, two universities, and a church (usually with some overlap). I live in Jacksonville, Florida, where the summers are too hot and the air is too wet, but the water views and the avenues of oak trees are beautiful enough to make up for it. In my spare time, I like to photograph my dog Moose, binge watch television shows, and explore my hometown.


Jacksonville, Florida

High School:

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts


University of Florida

Graduated from Web Design Program:

December 2013

University highlights, achievements and awards:

I was part of the inaugural WDOC class, and I had the privilege of helping to shape the direction of the program.

Current Employment:

Web Manager at Jacksonville University

I chose to attend UF because…

I was born a Gator! I grew up in the Gator Nation, so UF has always been a part of my life. Attending UF, though, was a bit of happy coincidence. I lost my job at a tech startup in the fall of 2011, while the recession was still in full swing. I knew it might take a while to find a job, so I decided to look into a couple of classes I could take in the meantime, just to keep my resume moving. When I checked the UF website, I saw the name of a new graduate program: Web Design and Online Communications. The details hadn’t even been released yet, but I contacted Dr. Weigold for information, and I applied shortly thereafter. What really sold me on the WDOC program was the focus on integrating technical skills — design, development, and industry software — with communications theory and strategy. That application-focused approach helped me develop the skills I needed to land and succeed in a job in web communications.

My favorite thing about UF was…

UF constantly looks forward. The WDOC program was one of the first of its kind, and, throughout its life cycle, the people running it have continually worked to keep it on the cutting edge, no small feat when it comes to online communications.

In my free time, I…

When I’m not in class, working on another master’s degree, I’m hanging out with my dog, serving at church, or watching movies at my favorite independent theater in Jax (Sun-Ray!). I’ve also recently been doing a bit of user experience (UX) consulting.

I use my degree in my professional life by…

My profession is rooted in the skills I learned in the WDOC program. I use the technical and strategic abilities I developed as a student on a daily basis, both as the Web Manager at JU and as an independent UX consultant.

My favorite class was…

Advanced Web Topics II. Professor Chris Lane was instrumental in helping me tackle JavaScript. His guidance and encouragement helped me build confidence in my skills as a web developer.

My favorite professor was…

Vonne Smith. Vonne was the technical instructor throughout my time in the WDOC program, and she taught us the industry-standard software in all the appropriate courses. She always made class fun and accessible, meeting each of us where we were in terms of skill and comfort levels.

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would choose…

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg has dedicated her life to the pursuit of people’s rights, often with particular focus on gender equality. She beat incredible odds to become a renowned and respected lawyer, judge, and Supreme Court Justice in a legal profession dominated by men. The tech industry, including the fields of web development and design, has long been a field ruled by men, and, while the environment is improving, there’s work yet to be done. I’d love to hear Justice Ginsburg’s take on the evolution of gender equality in the legal field and how we can improve conditions in the tech industry.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

Write a book about practical UX strategies for extra small web teams.

If money was not an issue, I would love to…

Create a firm that helps nonprofits create online communications strategies and tools, pro bono.
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