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Web Design Amazing Alumni

By Leah Antovel, marketing and social media assistant at UF CJC Online July 15, 2020 Alumni of UF CJC Online’s Master of Art in Mass Communication with a specialization in Web Design and Online Communication have taken what they’ve learned and the experiences they’ve had during their time as online graduate students into their varied... View Article

Master’s Spotlight: Fred Cremo

By Leah Antovel, marketing and social media student assistant at UF CJC Online April 9, 2020 One of the many benefits of pursuing a degree from UF CJC Online is the flexibility it offers non-traditional students. Fred Cremo, 58, is a national practice leader at Humana and lives in Gainesville. He is enrolled in the... View Article

What’s Your Combo? Spotlighting Our Combined Degree Students

By Leah Antovel, marketing and social media student assistant at UF CJC Online April 1, 2020 All University of Florida students from any college, online or on-campus, can pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the same time in just five years through UF CJC Online’s Combined Degree Program. With the approval of their undergraduate... View Article

5 Tips for a Successful Career in Digital Marketing

Nathan Mendenhall, @NCMSocial We live in a very special time in the marketing industry. Pretty much anyone with internet access can become an entrepreneur or marketer with the right coaching and a thirst for knowledge. 2019 marks the very first year that digital advertising spends (e.g., Facebook, Google, Instagram) in the U.S. will exceed traditional... View Article

UF to Offer Nation’s First Master’s in Public Interest Communications

Online master’s program now accepting applications. Gainesville, Fla. Feb. 4, 2019  –  Beginning in May 2019, the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications will launch an online master’s degree with a specialization in public interest communications, the country’s only master’s program in this emerging field. Public interest communications focuses on the development and implementation of science-based,... View Article


Robert Grupp Adjunct Instructor and Director, Global Strategic Communication Master’s Degree Program College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida As the recent U.S. mid-term elections demonstrated, it is particularly difficult to have conversations about politics and social issues with people who hold views different than your own. These conversations are always challenging, but when... View Article

UF CJC Online Profiles: Patrick O’Keefe

By Matthew Arrojas, UF Journalism Student September 14, 2018 Maryland hasn’t re-elected a Republican governor since 1954. To put that into perspective, Dwight D. Eisenhower was still serving his first term as President then. Now, with Republican Governor Larry Hogan running for re-election in November’s midterms, the party has a chance to break their 64-year-long... View Article

UF CJC Online Profiles: Robert Grupp

By Matthew Arrojas, UF Journalism Student September 30, 2018 Throughout his career as director of communications and spokesman for a wide array of businesses, Robert Grupp has weathered his fair share of crises. In the 80s he was the spokesman for Consumer’s Energy, which provided commercial nuclear power in Michigan during a time when just... View Article

Apps that will make your Instagram Stories POP

By Nicole Cruz Have you ever flipped through your Instagram story feed and noticed a story that looks exceptional? You ask yourself “how did that person do that?” It turns out you don’t have to be a social media master to craft next-level Instagram stories; there are free apps that can help you improve your... View Article

How to Use Pinterest in 2018… for Profit!

By Angel Burns Yes, you have heard of it, but do you use it? Do you use it for business? Besides making pretty collections of pictures, how can you market your brand with it? Pinterest is one of the main social media platforms today, but less familiar to most than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram... View Article


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