MMC 5006 - Introduction to Multimedia Communication

3 Credits

As the media landscape continues to shift, it is imperative that those working with media messages thoroughly understand the digital world in terms of creating digital content that resonates with audiences through different media. Intro to Multimedia takes the traditional craft and attributes of telling stories and merges them with new techniques to create diverse digital media.

This course is designed to provide students a new skillset in digital storytelling ideas, production, and analysis. Students will produce creative online stories that reverberate with the widest audience possible. Creating impactful stories will require a new understanding and thought process of how digital stories differ from those in traditional media. To do this, we will look at the changing roles of storytellers in news and marketing while discussing and analyzing media consumption habits that encourage a seamless transition from active audience member to creator.

Intro to Multimedia will include aspects of advertising, journalism, and public relations to better understand online trends. It will further help students learn how to tailor their messages to reach audiences in new ways that will stick in the minds of the targeted audience. This course focuses on three core concepts simultaneously: creativity, production, and distribution. Through these concepts, base knowledge of the technological media landscape will be enhanced, culminating in the ability to see an idea, nurture it in an original way, and create unique, effective content in the desired online medium.

Prerequisites: None.