MMC 6936 - Principles of Journalism

3 Credits

The course covers the history, ethics, legal issues, economics and modern challenges of journalism today. Students will gain knowledge and engage in discussions about the role of journalism in a democracy, the threats to modern journalism, the function of a free press and the elements/characteristics of strong and compelling journalism. This course will provide a contextual overview for the journalistic work that students will produce.

In this course, students will learn to:

  • Explain the historical development of journalism.
  • Identify the major legal and ethical issues in historical and modern journalism.
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of journalistic organizations in today’s media environment.
  • Articulate the economic issues facing modern journalism today, such as artificial intelligence, news deserts, and reporting on underserved communities.
  • Demonstrate professional and entrepreneurial practices in modern journalism and media.
  • Articulate the latest reporting, interviewing, storytelling, writing and technical skills for journalism, digital and social media.

Prerequisites: None.

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