MMC 6936 - Social Media for Journalists

3 Credits

This course covers the relationship between journalists and audiences, which has changes from a one-way broadcast model to a two-way method of communication. As journalists need to have a respect for an understanding of the people journalism is designed to cover, this course will look at how a collaborative culture is changing journalism and how journalists operate in this world. Course will cover social-media strategy and tools, audience engagement, reporting through social media and more.

 In this course, students will learn to:

  • Articulate why and how audiences have an increasingly large role to play in journalistic processes and products.
  • Craft journalism that is strategically designed to reach target audiences in predetermined ways.
  • Analyze and explain what role journalists and users will fill as information needs change along with the media landscape.
  • Analyze, compare, and contrast target “audiences” and what various audiences mean for specific brands, projects, or stories.
  • Explain what success means for various types of journalism in terms of its audience.

Prerequisites: None.

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