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Amazing Alumni

Hampton Ray

Public Information Officer

Summer 2016

Favorite Project

I loved the Kraft Mac and Cheese campaign that changed their recipe by removing artificial products and only telling consumers several months later. Taco Bell went bold for their app and “removed” all of their social media in order to promote their app. The campaign was pretty successful and certainly a bold initiative.

My Career

I work for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as a Public Information Officer. In this capacity, I handle media communications and interact as a face to the public on certain construction issues within District Two. I create and send press releases, blog on behalf of the FDOT and manage social media for District Two.


Reading, golfing and barbecuing

Previous Amazing Alumni

Hampton Ray is a Public Information Officer for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) where he serves as a spokesman and liaison to the media on a myriad of construction projects for District Two. He graduated from the University of North Florida in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. After graduation, he worked in Washington, DC for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. While interacting with media personalities, he quickly learned the value of communicating effectively and tapping into new media as a means of reaching a diverse audience. As a result, Hampton attended and graduated with a Master’s in Mass Communication through the University of Florida’s Social Media program. In addition to his work with FDOT, Hampton owns and operates a communications consulting firm, Steadfast Solutions Consulting, to advise, create and execute social media campaigns. Clients include candidates for public office, trade associations and retail businesses.


Jacksonville, Florida

High School:

Providence High School


University of North Florida

Graduated from Social Media Program:

Summer 2015

University highlights, achievements and awards:

The most meaningful project was the Capstone with Bob Hughes. This required selecting a client and executing a social media campaign for the client, in my case from scratch. The project was a massive success, doubling my client’s Facebook fans and tripling Twitter followers. The budget for my client was only $100 for nearly three months of content. The project was so successful that it allowed me to sign a contract with the client to continue serving as the social media manager and led to the development of relationships that spawned my business.

Current Employment:

I am a Public Information Officer for the Florida Department of Transportation. I handle media requests, manage social media accounts and serve as the liaison for the community for FDOT District 2.

I chose to attend UF because…

I always wanted to be a Gator, but I couldn’t attend school in person. The online learning platform gave me the flexibility to learn and receive a high quality education without having to sit in a physical classroom.

In my free time, I…

Play with my dog, Rascal or go on adventures with my wife, Jessi.

My favorite thing about UF was…

The culture that breeds success, a prestigious education and a network of respected, successful alumni.

I use my degree in my professional life by…

I manage the social media pages for FDOT District Two.

My favorite class was…

Social Media Branding with Bob Hughes

My favorite professor was…

Dr. Andy Selepak

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would choose…

Elon Musk

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

Climb Mount Everest.

If money was not an issue, I would love to…

Start a non-profit for children with developmental disabilities.

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