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Student Spotlight

Jen Slavik

Instructor, Danville Area Community College

Spring 2017

Favorite Project

The first semester of the program, we created a blog. I enjoyed this and am looking forward to picking it up again when I have a little more free time. I also really enjoyed working on engagement ideas for Dollar Shave Club. I had a great partner we came up with a pretty clever hashtag campaign!

My Career

I'm an instructor in the Business & Technology division at Danville Area Community College. Currently, we are in the process of revamping our associate degree program to include social media management and marketing courses. I look forward to applying my knowledge from UF in this transition.


Running, DIY projects, landscaping

Previous Student Spotlight

I’m an Illinois native; born and raised in the small town of which I still reside. A wife and mother of four boys, I enjoy spending time with my family. Our home is rowdy and loud, but I love it. Currently, I teach in the Business and Technology division at our local community college. Before switching to higher ed, I was an elementary teacher and corporate trainer. Recently, I’ve not only been challenged with new social media skills, but also switching my family to paleo. I’m still deciding which is more difficult!


Danville, IL

High School:

Danville High School


Eastern Illinois University

Expected graduation:

Fall 2017

University highlights, achievements and awards:

Switching careers from education to social media could easily be considered an obstacle in itself. Luckily, I’ve had professors that eased the transition. This program has allowed me to grow professionally in ways I could not have otherwise imagined. I’ve been able to relate projects to real-world experiences and apply them to my current position. Since I’ve been enrolled, I developed a social media strategy and tracked analytics for my current employer. Implementing these classroom projects in the professional world adds a priceless dimension to the learning process.

Current Employment:

Danville Area Community College

I chose to attend UF because…

I chose to attend UF because of the university’s reputation as well as the flexibility of the online program. It was the perfect choice. Go Gators!

My favorite thing about UF is…

The support! I was worried I’d feel overwhelmed and disconnected in an online program. This hasn’t been the case at all. The professors have been wonderful. They make themselves readily available and are great at building community. Even the staff in the department provide constant support through advising sessions and informal check ins. It’s obvious that everyone involved with the program wants the best for the students.

When I have free time, I spend it doing…

Free time? This sounds amazing! I most often find myself cheering in the stands at either a baseball or basketball game. Although I love attending the boys’ games, I also enjoy some good trail running. I feel revived anytime I can escape to the quiet woods for a short run.

My favorite class is…

This is tough! I have had some pretty good ones.

My favorite place to work on homework is…

My porch swing.

My favorite professor is…

I’ve had plenty of great professors, but I might have to pick Allie Cass. I enjoyed both semesters of the analytics and metrics courses. She shares her real-world experience which helps us relate our projects to the professional world. She makes fun, interesting and easy to comprehend!

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would choose…

Anyone over the age of 20! Dinner with four boys is stressful.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

I would start my own natural health business and use my newly acquired skills to promote it!

If money was not an issue, I would love to…


After graduation, I plan to…

Relax. Then, I’d like to try my hand at a few freelancing bids. Eventually, I’d like to take my real-world experience back into the classroom and teach others.

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