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Student Spotlight

Megan Tague

Social Media Director
Kreps DeMaria

Spring 2016

Favorite Project

I’m really enjoying writing blog posts for my social media and news course. I’m able to write on a wide range of topics of my choice.

My Career

I am the Social Media Director for Kreps DeMaria, a Miami-based PR and marketing firm that specializes in real estate, hospitality, law and banking. In this role, I develop, implement and manage social media strategies, as well as track success, for both the firm and its social media clients.


Reading, running/walking with my dog, yoga, bike riding, learning about digital marketing (versus social media).

Previous Student Spotlight

Megan Tague is the social media director at Kreps DeMaria, where she leads the team of social media strategists who comprise KD Social. In her role, Tague develops, implements and manages comprehensive social media strategies for the firm and its social media clients. She has extensive experience driving engagement, conversion, and support for clients by designing creative, evolving approaches that fit their unique needs and, therefore, reach their key audiences. By monitoring online mentions of the clients in real time and carefully analyzing results, Tague is able to deliver the desired results – sales.

Specializing in real estate development accounts, Tague identifies and reaches the intended audiences organically through engaging content, as well as through targeted advertising. Her campaigns have produced condominium sales leads that resulted in successful sales.

Tague is furthering her knowledge of online communications by pursuing a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in social media through the University of Florida.

Before joining Kreps DeMaria, Tague worked for a large financial company in corporate marketing and graduated from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.


Miami, Florida

High School:

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart


Southern Methodist University

Expected graduation:

Fall 2016

University highlights, achievements and awards:

For Social Media Management, I developed a social media strategy for one of my clients and was able to present it to them and later implement parts of it. Being able to apply many of the lessons I learn and assignments I complete in class to the real world immediately has helped me advance professionally.

Current Employment:

Social Media Director, Kreps DeMaria, a Miami-based PR and marketing firm

I chose to attend UF because…

The university has a strong reputation and I was attracted to the social media aspect. Plus, my dad graduated from undergrad and law school from UF.

My favorite thing about UF is…

How user-friendly the online classroom is and how readily available the professors are.

When I have free time, I spend it doing…

Work and school take up a large chunk of my time, but when I do have free time I like spending it outdoors: taking my dog, Bandit, to the dog park, riding my bike, relaxing at the beach or pool or even just eating outdoors.

My favorite class is…

One I took a couple of semesters ago – Digital Communications Theory taught by Dr. Jennifer Braddock. I actually hated it at first and received a 60% (!!) on my first assignment, but I ended up getting a lot out of it (and I raised my grade to an A). After the semester ended, I found myself missing the weekly lessons.

My favorite place to work on homework is…

My apartment balcony overlooking Miami.

My favorite professor is…

Don’t make me choose!!

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would choose…

Richard Branson. Ever since I watched a documentary about him in high school (I can’t remember which), I’ve been fascinated by his ingenuity, leadership, compassion, and even his social media savvy.

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

Scuba dive, which I realize isn’t your typical answer to this question, but for some reason I’m unable to equalize my left ear and therefore can’t dive.

If money was not an issue, I would love to…

Travel around the world and to space via Virgin Galactic!

After graduation, I plan to…

Continue learning. Social media marketing and digital marketing are ever-changing.

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