10 Reasons to go to Grad School

Are you considering grad school?


grad-school-studentIn some industries, having a master’s degree is a necessity for moving ahead. In the field of communications, people earn an average starting salary of $20k more than undergraduates.

To encourage you to take the leap and apply to grad school, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to go to grad school.

1. Change Your Life

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2. Greater Salary

Depending on your field, you can expect to earn $20-$39k more than someone with only a bachelor’s degree.

3. Career Advancement

A master’s degree can open the door to career opportunities.

4. Career Change

An advanced degree can help transition to another career.

5. Education Enhancement

Graduate school provides opportunities to explore theories and knowledge of a certain topic or industry.

6. Education Upgrade

Maybe your knowledge of your field is outdated. Do you find it difficult to keep up with trends? Getting an advanced degree can help.

7. Teaching Opportunities

Getting a master’s degree can lead to a teaching position at a university or college.

8. Employer Perks

Some businesses will pay partial or full education fees for qualified employees.

9. Stand Out

By earning a master’s degree, you join an elite segment of the population.

10. Interest Realization

Not everyone realizes during undergraduate studies what they want to with their lives. Graduate school allows you to study a new topic or field.

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