Our multi-faceted master’s program in Web Design takes a three-pronged approach to this exciting and in-demand field, with courses in design skills, communication theory and code.

Enjoy learning to code HTML, JavaScript and more, along with how to use design software such as InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator expertly. These technical skills coupled with courses focused on content creation, marketing, strategic communication and UX theory will allow you to design attractive, effective websites from front to back.  

Our unique and industry-advancing approach to teaching Web Design that incorporates visual design, communication theory and web design will provide you with the confidence and skills you need to create dynamic websites tailored to client and audience needs.

You will actively engage with your fellow learners and give and receive constructive feedback from peers and instructors beginning on day one. The culmination of your program includes a capstone course where you will develop work for your portfolio to help you land that next job or promotion, and best market your skills.

Core Concepts


Go beyond templates and shortcodes. Master HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP fundamentals.


Understand the fundamental principles of design and learn the tools of the trade. Create stunning designs prioritized for digital users and dynamic websites to drive engagement.


Focus on critical thinking, analysis and practical skills to develop and implement communication strategies that advance an organization’s goals and improve SEO.

Quick Facts

37 credit hours for a master’s degree.
14 credit hours for a graduate certificate
100% online via recorded lectures & live class meetings
Fall Semester starts in August
Spring Semester starts in January
Summer Semester starts in May

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
Priority Deadline: April 1
Final Deadline: June 1
Spring Semester October 1
Summer Semester February 1


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More on University of Florida Online Master’s in Web Design

The online Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Web Design includes 37 credit hours: 34 hours of coursework plus three final credits in the capstone course. The program curriculum is guided by an Advisory Board of top industry experts, with courses taught by industry professionals and University of Florida faculty. Full-time students can complete their master’s degree in as few as 16 months.

Unique Learning Experience

UF CJC Online programs are designed for students who crave:

  • Courses that challenge them to grow as communicators through hands-on assignments where they receive detailed constructive feedback from peers and instructors
  • The flexibility of online courses where pre-recorded lectures and live online meetings allow students to engage with their courses from anywhere in the world
  • Networking opportunities with peers, alumni, instructors, and guest lecturers
  • Professional growth and advancement opportunities
  • Creative storytelling skills
  • A transformative student-centered learning experience
  • Personalized attention from highly engaged faculty
  • An affordable and respected graduate degree from a top-10 public university

Courses are designed to teach students how to:

  • Create branded messaging for digital platforms
  • Code a fully responsive website tailored to client and audience needs
  • Design effective communications campaigns
  • Utilize theory to create effective integrated marketing campaigns
  • Apply the principles and elements of design to online landscapes

Our program will position you to take your career to any industry, and serve any mission. You can focus your career on creating graphics and logos, or serve as a marketing director, or even take your coding skills to a rewarding career in software engineering. Whether as a Graphic Designer, Web Producer, Full Stack Developer or UX Designer, there is no limit to where a master’s degree in Web Design will take you in today’s digital world.

Specific positions you may qualify for upon graduation include:

  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Senior Web Producer
  • Web Content Coordinator
  • Web Designer
  • Web Manager
  • UX Designer/Manager

Tuition and Fees:

$599.75 per credit hour
Total Cost: $22,191
37 Credit Hours

Certificate: $8,082 (14 credit hours)

100% Fully Online 

Application Deadlines: 

Fall Semester: April 1

Spring Semester: October 1

Summer Semester: February 1

If you want to pursue a career in web or graphic design but don’t know where to start, UF’s online master’s program will help you get there. You don’t need any coding or design experience prior to entering the program. All of the instructors have real world experience and live classes mean you can ask all the questions you need along the way. It was a very engaging program and while challenging, it was the best decision I could make for my career.

– Vicki Grunewald, Freelance Web Designer & Developer, UF MA ’15

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