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The Public Relations Industry Experiences Significant Growth: Public Relations Careers Forecast is Promising

Companies, nonprofits and government agencies need talented, insightful, educated people now – and they pay well to attract and keep them.

According to Gould+Partners, public relations agencies grew by close to 8 percent in 2015 alone, and the Southeast United States led those statistics with 25 percent growth. In 2014, the public relations job sector employed over 85,000 people worldwide, making it a large global force and professional community. According to US News & World Report Money, public relations specialist was the No. 1 job for the creative sector in 2015, and CNN Money ranked public relations director as the #94 overall best job to have.

CNN Predicted a 13 percent 10-year projection for growth in public relations directors. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a 6 percent growth in overall public relations jobs between 2014 and 2024.

Overall, emphasis will be on digital media, multi-sector partnerships and experiential spaces. Public relations specialists are sought after for expertise on Web platforms and two-way communication. With Internet users higher than ever and global communication on the rise, the public relations sector favors those with a global perspective.

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