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Analytics Careers for Today

Demand is high for analytics know-how, particularly with the higher volumes and access to data today. Companies value people who know how to ask the right questions, find valuable stories within data, and apply these insights to inform decision-making.

Industry reports document a digital skills gap in marketing and analytics. Grovo.com reports 90% of marketers consider themselves under-skilled at digital marketing, and 93% of digital marketers report it is ‘harder to recruit people with the right skills than ever before.’

These vacancies mean opportunities for people graduating with consumer and audience analytics skills. Job posting searches in the area of analytics generate thousands of results. Click for a listing of current careers in the audience analytics field.*

Skills for All Fields

Consumer and audience analytics skills are valued in many fields, including the media and entertainment industries, advertising, marketing and politics. Every company wants to better understand their consumers. In addition to understanding how to identify trends and insights, employers need people who can communicate insights to stakeholders and understand their practical application for business. This program will help you to develop these skills.

Analytics careers that require these kinds of skills include, but are not limited, to:

  • Media Researcher
  • Audience and Consumer Analyst
  • Researcher in Product Development
  • Consumer Behavior and Market Researcher
  • Data Analyst
  • Political Researcher
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Brand Analyst

And, with our Master Access benefit, graduates can return and review master’s degree courses forever, within their chosen specialization and in others offered by the UF College of Journalism and Communications.

For a sampling of the many kinds of career paths taken by people who have skills in consumer and audience analytics, visit our Advisory Council page or watch these featured in personal videos.

*University of Florida does not endorse any companies or information found on this page.

Quick Facts

13 credit hours for graduate certificate
37 credit hours for master's degree
100% online via
recorded lectures & live office hours
Fall Semester starts in August
Spring Semester starts in January
Summer Semester starts in May

Courses follow the UF Academic Calendar

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Application Deadlines

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April 1

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October 1

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February 1


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