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The University of Florida online master’s concentration in Audience Analytics is a first of its kind degree to prepare experts to understand today’s audiences and consumers, their preferences, and behavior. By skillfully analyzing and interpreting data with the tools, methods, and conceptual foundations featured in this program, graduates of this program will be masters of audience analytics who will not only be able to interpret the data and find the stories, but be effective data storytellers.

What is Audience Analytics?

Audience and consumer analysts are the “brain trust” of an organization. You are the one who knows who’s consuming what media content and when, who’s purchasing what products, under what conditions and time of day. You are the one who detects trends and patterns in data that have so far gone undiscovered. You are the one who uncovers actionable insights, converting them into business intelligence and marketing opportunities for your company. And you are the one who effectively communicates these data insights to stakeholders. As an audience analyst, you will be the one others turn to, because you have the answers. Why does this matter to companies today? Because businesses don’t buy media. They buy audiences.

This program focuses on:

Consumer Behavior How people select and use products, services, experiences to satisfy their needs.

Data Analysis Identify trends and patterns; translate data into stories to help companies make better decisions.

Media and Audience Research Carry out quantitative and qualitative research; apply media research and audience analysis to address company goals.


Here’s what current analytics professionals say about their jobs and why they love what they do:



University of Florida Online Master’s in Audience Analytics

Our program provides comprehensive knowledge of consumer and audience research methods and analytics within the context of the media marketplace. The education and tools provided in this program will equip students for roles in a marketplace that is increasingly about data, whatever the sector. With so much data to analyze, companies are desperately looking for trained analysts with the expertise to produce competitive intelligence that can help them understand their customers and audiences better. In our program, we’re bringing left and right brains together. Data is only as useful as the person interpreting it, who can translate findings into actionable insights and “stories” for their stakeholders and companies. That’s why we train students not only to analyze and interpret data, but how to effectively communicate and present insights in verbal, written, oral, and visual form. The online Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Audience Analytics includes 37 credit hours— 34 hours of coursework plus three final credits in the capstone course. The program curriculum is guided by an Advisory Board of top industry experts, with courses taught by industry professionals and University of Florida faculty. Full-time students can complete a master’s degree in as few as 16 months.

Unique Learning Experience
UF CJC Online programs are designed for students who crave:

  • Courses that challenge them to grow as communicators through hands-on assignments where they receive detailed constructive feedback from peers and instructors
  • The flexibility of online courses where pre-recorded lectures and live online meetings allow students to engage with their courses from anywhere in the world
  • Networking opportunities with peers, alumni, instructors, and guest lecturers
  • Professional growth and advancement opportunities
  • Creative storytelling skills
  • A transformative student-centered learning experience
  • Personalized attention from highly engaged faculty
  • An affordable and respected graduate degree from a top-10 public university

Core Competencies of the Audience Analytics Program
The Audience Analytics program is designed to:

  • Prepare students with the theoretical foundations, industry knowledge, and analytical tools to understand the nature, value, and behaviors of audiences across multiple media platforms and disciplines.
  • Equip students with the analytical tools and methodological foundations to assess and analyze audience-related datasets, and to understand how to use such data in order to make informed decisions.
  • Familiarize students with the analytical tools available for understanding and segmenting audiences and consumers in traditional and digital media.
  • Cultivate a global and diverse perspective and appreciation of audiences everywhere and to prepare students to understand and serve diverse audiences.
  • Help students become wise users and consumers of data, to develop data literacy, and provide an ethical grounding in the analytics practice.

Core Courses of the Audience Analytics Program

  • Introduction to Audiences
  • Consumer and Audience Analytics
  • Statistics for Analysts in Communication
  • Social Media Metrics and Evaluation
  • Data Storytelling & Visualization

Application Deadlines: 

Fall Semester: April 1

Spring Semester: October 1

Summer Semester: February 1

Careers in Audience Analytics

Specific positions you may qualify for upon graduation include:

  • Audience and Consumer Analyst
  • Brand Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Consumer Behavior and Market Researcher
  • Data Analyst
  • Media Researcher
  • Political Researcher
  • Researcher in Product Development


Quick Facts

13 credit hours for graduate certificate
37 credit hours for master's degree
100% online via
recorded lectures & live office hours
Fall Semester starts in August
Spring Semester starts in January
Summer Semester starts in May

Courses follow the UF Academic Calendar

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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
April 1

Spring Semester
October 1

Summer Semester
February 1



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What Our Alumni Say

My online degree from UF has had an incalculable impact on my career. I consistently use the abilities we were taught, and the small class sizes allowed me to learn a great deal more than I expected. The professors and staff made me feel welcome, and created an environment to challenge us. At no point in the experience did I feel I missed an actual classroom.

Christopher Law

Vice President, Digital Products Manager, Peoples Bank
UF MA '13

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