A Degree With Global Impact

Global Strategic Communication is a degree specialization for people whose primary motivation is purpose. This program equips students with the tools and skills needed to help solve the world’s most challenging problems through thoughtful and calculated communication.

Communication With Purpose

This program will teach you how to communicate effectively across cultures and geographic boundaries to offer solutions to world problems such as climate change, immigration, poverty, human rights, business ethics, education and more. Our graduates solve problems on a global scale using strategic interpersonal communication skills with attention to cultural considerations.

Passionate Students

This program is specifically designed for the doers and dreamers of the world who never back down from a challenge. Our students possess an unparalleled passion for developing creative and effective solutions for problems in business or nonprofit environments large and small. Driven by the desire to achieve greater results, these students lead coworkers, peers and stakeholders on a mission to turn aspirations into reality.

Tailored to Your Interests

The program is composed of three core pillars, which include Messaging, Communication, and Culture. These pillars account for 25 credits of classes, leaving the remaining 12 credits for additional customization through completion of courses from a specialized track of your choice. Choose from tracks including Web Design, Public Relations, Digital Strategy, Social Media or a Master’s of Business Administration. The degree plan includes a total of 37 credit hours— 34 hours of coursework plus three final credits in the capstone course. The capstone course allows students to solve real world communications problems by working with a client.

Unique Learning Experience

  • Each semester is 12 weeks, with three semesters per year (Spring, Summer, Fall).
  • Full-time students can complete the curriculum in under two years.
  • All classes are online with recorded lectures, allowing students to view classes at their pace during the week. Each week, students must meet weekly objectives and complete assignments.

Application Deadlines:

July 1

November 1

April 1

Careers in Global Strategic Communication

Careers in global strategic communication pay very well, with salaries of $60,000-$110,000+ per year. Jobs you will qualify for are:

  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Development Communications Officer
  • Director of Global Communications
  • Global Communications Specialist
  • International Affairs Liaison
  • International Media Consultant
  • Regional Communications Officer
  • Senior International Consultant
  • Vice President of International Affairs




37 credit hours for master's degree
12 credit hours for graduate certificate
100% online
recorded lectures & live office hours
Fall Semester: August-November
Spring Semester: January-March
Summer Semester: May-August
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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
July 1

Spring Semester
November 1

Summer Semester
April 1


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What Our Alumni Say

I loved the online program. Attending UF was a dream come true for me, and it was only possible through the online program. Additionally, the GSC program was a perfect fit for me. I am now the manager of events and marketing at a nonprofit called The Covering House. There is no doubt in my mind that my master's degree was one reason why I received this position. I was able to jump right in to this job without any trouble, and I firmly believe the education I received through the online program is why I was able to do this.

Mandy Darr

Manager of Events & Partnerships, The Covering House
UF MA '14

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