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Media Sales Curriculum

Challenging you to bring new and original strategies to sell

In the business world today, it’s not only what you know but how you present it.

There’s a good chance you know more about the changing media landscape than many of your customers. You set yourself apart from your competition if you understand the new media environment and can take your customer through it step by step.

Unique Learning Experience

  • This program consists of five 3-credit graduate-level courses.
  • Students generally take 1-2 classes per semester.
  • Each semester is 12 weeks, with three semesters per year (Spring, Summer, Fall).
  • Students must enroll for Summer C when applying for the program.
  • All classes are online with recorded lectures, allowing students to view classes at their pace during the week.
  • Each week, students must meet weekly objectives and complete assignments.

Presentation Power

Effective salespeople can comfortably communicate their ideas to any audience. This course teaches students advanced pitching skills that include how to effectively organize ideas, integrate storytelling in pitches, how to read and respond to key audience stakeholders, and how to integrate both logic and emotion in a sales appeal.

Cross Platform Media Selling

The time of selling “newspaper ads” or “TV spots” is over. Modern media companies sell opportunities in TV, print, online, retail, social, and out-of-home, Which means effective media sales professionals sell solutions, not vehicles. This course focuses on listening in order to understand a client’s problems and then partnering with clients in creating solutions offered by the right mix of touch points.. This course teaches students how to create client-centered solutions across all media platforms.

Digital Sales and Engagement

The days when effective salespeople could count exclusively on face-to-face messaging opportunities are long gone. Effective sales in the 21st century relies on serving customers and recruiting prospects in digital media. This class provides the tools and skills needed to effectively engage customers using digital tools.

Selling Today

Today’s salesperson can access a wealth of new knowledge that will increase sales effectiveness and provide greater customer satisfaction. This course addresses the critical concepts and theories of contemporary selling.

Your sales experience is heightened through this program. You will learn real-world communication styles and the ins and outs of digital media in a way that teaches you to teach others.

Distance programs in the College of Journalism and Communications are not eligible for graduate assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, state tuition waiver, or the Santa Fe College waiver (Florida).

UF faculty and staff: Distance programs in the College of Journalism and Communications are not eligible for the Employee Education Program (EEP).

Please note: Federal financial aid is not available for certificate students.


Quick Facts

12 credit hours
100% online
recorded lectures & live office hours
Fall Semester: August-November
Spring Semester: January-March
Summer Semester: May-August
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Application Deadlines

Spring 2018
Priority: Oct. 15
Final: Nov. 1

Summer 2018
Priority: March 15
Final: April 1


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