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Web Conversion Curriculum

This program has been carefully crafted so that you learn more than just “best practices.” You will discover how to effectively craft and express a message, as well as how to generate highly motivated leads and run your own scientifically rigorous experiments with the MECLABS Institute patented Test Protocol Tool.

You need to know how to express the value of your product or service and convert a prospect into a customer. Set yourself apart by learning how to become customer-centric in your messaging and focus on the needs of the customer. These four courses are designed to give you the preparation you need for greatest success.

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MMC5435 Messaging Strategy and the Centrality of the Value Proposition

This course addresses the critical concepts and theories of value proposition. It covers development, measuring, testing, and expressing a value proposition throughout a company and its marketing. The student will learn how to position their offer to achieve sustainable competitive advantage no matter what product or service they are marketing.

MMC5436 Messaging Methodologies and the Practice of Conversion Optimization

This course provides a systematic methodology for increasing the probability of a customer response. Students will learn to apply the critical concepts and theories of offer response optimization, including techniques for creating compelling offers that optimize responses in both digital and mobile environments.

MMC5422 Customer Research and the Fundamentals of Online Testing

This course addresses the critical concepts and theories of online testing. It covers the development and implementation of testing an online offer, including the selection of a research question, metrics selection, validity ensurance, and data interpretation.

MMC5259 Customer Relationship and Effective Lead Management

This course addresses the critical concepts and theories of customer management, and how to effectively establish the right people, processes, and technology to ensure the effective nurturing of long-term customer relationships.

Your marketing, advertising and sales experience is heightened through this program. You will learn real-world communication styles and the ins and outs of digital media in a way that teaches you to teach others.

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Quick Facts

12 credit hours
100% online
recorded lectures
Fall Semester: August-November
Spring Semester: January-March
Summer Semester: May-August


Application Deadlines

Spring 2018
Priority: Oct. 15
Final: Nov. 1

Summer 2018
Priority: March 15
Final: April 1


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