Media Sales Curriculum

Challenging you to bring new and original strategies to selling

In the business world today, it’s not only what you know but how you present it.

There’s a good chance you know more about the changing media landscape than many of your customers. You set yourself apart from your competition if you understand the new media environment and can take your customer through it step by step.

Unique Learning Experience

  • This program consists of five 3-credit graduate-level courses.
  • Students generally take 1-2 classes per semester.
  • The fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks and the summer semester is 13 weeks. All courses follow the traditional UF Academic Calendar.
  • All classes are online with recorded lectures, allowing students to view classes at their pace during the week.
  • Each week, students must meet weekly objectives and complete assignments.

Presentation Power

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, over 2,000 PowerPoint presentations will have been given across the globe[1]. That figure doesn’t even account for presentations developed in similar software programs like Prezi, Google Slides and Keynote. As one of the most widely used communication tools today (second only to email), we rely on presentations to help us convey our most important messages and ideas. And yet slideshow presentations have become as universally detested as they are common. That’s because we’re more often exposed to the bad presentations that give the medium its terrible reputation – think endless bullet point lists, cliché clip art and nauseating animation. We’ve spent so much time listening to and delivering lackluster slideshows that we’ve come to accept them as the norm.

But a strong, strategic presentation actually has the power to transform beliefs, influence behavior and fundamentally change the world (see: movement-starting presentations by Steve Jobs introducing Apple’s revolutionary iPod and Sheryl Sandberg inspiring women to “Lean In”.  To succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, business professionals need to know how to communicate their ideas in more memorable, moving presentations.

Presentation Power is a 12-week course designed to help you become a more effective communicator by changing the way you present your ideas. Together, we will examine key principles of persuasion, storytelling and design, explore tried-and-true methods for crafting/ delivering messages that stick and drive meaningful action.

Cross-Platform Media Selling

Twenty years ago, media was much more simple. There were traditional outlets like Network TV, standard billboards, and radio. Fast-forward to 2017 and we’ve entered the digital age. Clients now have so many more outlets to consider for their marketing budgets.

Success is directly tied to meeting the customers’ needs. Those needs are changing – marketing decisions are made today on criteria that didn’t exist a few years ago. Understanding how to integrate all mediums to create an effective solution is critical. This course teaches students how to create client-centered solutions across all media platforms.

Students will explore traditional and digital media landscapes as well as the fundamental ways to create client-centered solutions. This course will deep dive into real-life examples and scenarios as well as give students hands-on experience with selling. By the end of the semester, students will have the ability to take on new clients, sell through solutions (traditional or digital) as well as execute strategic solutions to keep clients on board for long-term partnerships.

Digital Sales and Engagement

Whether your goal is to work in digital media sales for a publisher in the advertising industry or increase sales utilizing digital media selling tools and best practices for your own business, this course will help you understand digital media concepts better and how applications of various tools can assist you to become more successful. By the end of the semester, students will be able to identify and explain key concepts related to sales efforts in digital and social media as well as implement digital and social media sales efforts in B2B or B2C environments.

By the end of the semester, students will be able to develop and present a B2C or B2B digital media plan and justify integrated efforts with research, measurements and trends.

Selling Today

Today’s salesperson can access a wealth of new knowledge that will increase sales effectiveness and provide greater customer satisfaction. This course addresses the critical concepts and theories of contemporary selling. You will explore the personality traits that make salespeople effective, how to sell different product categories and the importance of influence in selling.

Your sales experience is heightened through this program. You will learn real-world communication styles and the ins and outs of digital media in a way that teaches you to teach others.

Distance programs in the College of Journalism and Communications are not eligible for graduate assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, state tuition waiver, or the Santa Fe College waiver (Florida).

UF faculty and staff: Distance programs in the College of Journalism and Communications are not eligible for the Employee Education Program (EEP).

Please note: Federal financial aid is not available for certificate students.

Quick Facts

12 credit hours
100% online via
recorded lectures & live class meetings
Fall Semester starts in August
Spring Semester starts in January
Summer Semester starts in May

Courses follow the UF Academic Calendar

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