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University of Florida Online Master's Degree in Audience Analytics
Application Deadlines: Summer 2017: April 1 Fall 2017: July 1

What is Audience Analytics?

Ever wonder how companies learn your secrets? How do they know what you want before you realize it? For example, how did Target know a woman was pregnant before she did? The New York Times pens, “The reason Target can snoop on our shopping habits is that, over the past two decades, the science of habit formation has become a major field of research in neurology and psychology departments at hundreds of major medical centers and universities, as well as inside extremely well financed corporate labs.”

This phenomenon is Audience Analytics.

People with these skills are needed in our marketplace, now. We are awash in data, yet most companies are understaffed when it comes to people who know how to interpret the data—how to find the trends, patterns, and stories, then communicate these insights to their companies to drive decision-making in this billion-dollar industry.

This program focuses on:

Consumer Behavior
How people select and use products, services, experiences to satisfy their needs.

Data Analysis
Identify trends and patterns; translate data into stories to help companies make better decisions.

Media and Audience Research
Carry out quantitative and qualitative research; apply media research and audience analysis to address company goals.

With the MAMC in Audience Analytics, we‘re bringing left and right brains together. Data is only as useful as the person interpreting it, who can translate findings into actionable insights and “stories” for their companies and stakeholders. In this program, you will not only learn about and use tools to uncover actionable insights, but learn how to effectively communicate them in verbal and written form, including presenting to actual clients. Read more about jobs in this exciting and lucrative industry.



University of Florida is ranked one of the top Master of Arts in Mass Communication programs in the nation by Super Scholar.



U.S. News and World Report called our distance education program a top performer in online degree programs.



UF alumni include two Nobel Prize winners, eight NASA astronauts, 10 U.S. Senators, 42 U.S. Representatives, and eight U.S. ambassadors.

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What Our Alumni Say

"My online degree from UF has had an incalculable impact on my career. I consistently use the abilities we were taught, and the small class sizes allowed me to learn a great deal more than I expected. The professors and staff made me feel welcome, and created an environment to challenge us. At no point in the experience did I feel I missed an actual classroom."

Christopher Law

Online Communications Specialist, Memorial Health System

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